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Cass e Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Cass e" journal:

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March 4th, 2005
03:36 pm


I am so incredibly bored..so i figured i would up date this bitch.

today was a pretty sweet day.. it was only my 3rd day back after my accident..shits going good tho. i got a JOB..finally i work at Subway >Eat fresh! it aint bad. i get paid 6 and ina month ill get a raise to 6.25. i got a new car..well its a new used car. its a 1994 ford escort its in really good shape..and its clean its a 4 door. i like it ..no complaints. i work tonight from 5 to 8 and i get paid. sunday me and kyle are gunna go get pierced up..lol..were gettin the industrial in our ears..and im gettin my lip pierced..but shhh no one know about that.

not that any of you care..but my culinary arts teacher Mr. Usztics won the teacher of the year award over the weekend.. he flu to New orleans for the big ceremony. he deserved it..hes an awesome teacher and an awesome Chef. i hope that i will be at least half as good as he is when ima chef.

well that is about all thats going on with me.. ill catch up with all you mongloids at a later date..until then..take it easy.. peace

THe one and ONly

Cass MUtha FukKIN e BitCh
P.S. on Feburary 22, 2005 the band BLINK-182 desided to call it quits, i guess tehy were gettin to old to sing songs about girls, sex and dog shit. they were together for 10 beautiful years. im just happy they ended on a good note..instead of breakin up over dumb shit. ill be fine in case your wondering. i only cryed a little bit.

Current Mood: blank
Current Music: Not now _blink-182

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January 12th, 2005
07:19 pm


Yes i know its Amazing that i am actually on the online. haha its like the first time this year....haha..but for real.. i havent been home for like 3 weeks because a lot has happened sence the last time that i have updated..lets start from the begining << spelling??

well lets see... early november my dad flue to florida to pick up my car a 1993 hatchback fox body mustang (dark blue)*car of my dreams* so i came home form school one day and it was wating for me.. i had to wate till november 10 to turn 16 before i could drive it.so that morning we whent and got my license needless to say i drove all day... and the 11 i left for a cruise to the bahamas.. with my step mom and my 2 best friends..Amanda and Paige..(if chris's scanner thing ever gets hooked up ill some how show ya some pictures.) it was bad ass.. we stayed in this like 5 star hotel in florida it was BEAUTIFUL. no joke. we stayed up till like 3 in the moring talking in the hot-tub out side with like them little lizzards crawlin arround it was sweet. the next morning this bad ass limo was wating to pick us up and take us to the ship. the ship was huge ive never seen one of theese things in person it was called the facination. the inside every thing was gold. and there were glass elevaters i cant even tell ya it was beautiful thats all i can say. we had soo much fun. the weather was beautiful HELLO IT WAS THE BAHAMAS!!! what more do you expect. the water was crystal clear the beaches had that pretty tan sand not the icky kind.. and we whent snorkleing and sunbathed..it was great.we got home the 15 i know it was only 4 days but we have school and i wanted to get back and drive my car!!!
when we came home..guess what i did..i drove to school..for the first time..and i showed off my tan and my car keys oo yes and i got a cellular devise i showed that off to..that was probably the week of my life. honestly i turned 16 got a car whent on a cruise and was mobile..i couldnt of been happier.. so whats next yep a job..that is correct. i applyed ever where over and over again.. form belleville to westland. Rossinville road to cherry hill. and ever thing in between. nothing no one would hire me. so up setting.. not to mention i locked my keys in my car just about every damn time i got out of it. so things were gettin boring until one day i came home and the boys needed a ride to the Between the baried and me show.. so i was down ..they were paying for gas..and and half my ticket..so we drove to the D and saw BTBAM!!...the show was sweet..we had frount row..i got neat pics on my fone..and the bassist was hot as hell..after their set i sat down an chilled for a bit milled arround..and guess what... kevin (hot bassist) started to talk to me.. omg i was melitng on the inside... but i played it cool..haha.. no for real i didnt act all giddy nor hard core.. i was myself.. and it was cool we talked the hole time the other band was on stage..then will had to come over and act all stupid and tell kevin we were related and he was like really i woulda never guessed..(cuz i got all the looks haha)any ways after that the show was over..we said bye and left..
christmas was a cupple days later.. it was all right.. didnt really have that christmasy feel to it i whent to both my grandmas houses got some stuff..it was nice..
the next day, Kyle and I when to the mall and he bought me new showes and a really cute outfit. so we whent to meams to show every one how cute i was lol... and cam scott tim and leah came to get christopher to go sleddin cuz it had just snowned the first big snow.. we all walked out to our cars at the same time.. me and kyle whent to leave first but it didnt quite go as planned. you see..i was pulling out of meams appartments and well i really dont remember what happened...i know i looked both ways for traffic..next thing i know i wake up screaming and there is blood all over kyles face(my blood) and i herd my brothers voice then i was in an ambulance then i knew.. i had gotten in an accident.
kyle was totally fine.. me and my car didnt get a way so lucky...sence i got hit on the drivers side my body got contracted together...meaning my bones got smashed. i ended up with a Displaced fracture in my left shoulder and my pelvis and spine have fractures in them..but i got lucky really lucky... they all lined up pirfectly when they expanded back to normal size no surgery was needed. just lots and lots of X-rays and lots of little cuts and nicks all over my face and arm form the window. 2 days in the hospitle. needless to say my dream car got totaled.
so here i am today.. about 3 weeks after it happened..i have been on strict bed rest..but i havetn been a good patient. ive been stayin at meams house cuz there arnt any stairs and i can be cared for 24-7..if you know me you will know that im very independent..and i dont want help with any thing and i think im invincable and tried to go to school 4 days after the crash. well i hurt my self on top of being hurt. i had to go back to the hospital and get more x-rays. to see if i needed surgery. i didnt.. i just need to take it easy..and rest.. im being home schooled for 3 months till my bones heal. that is what ive been up to ..

well im gunna go rest..cuz im tired..and i cant sit down for that much longer..im starting to hurt.
take it easy...cuz i will be..
call or come see me.. 1-734-644-0899

THe one and oNLY
Cass mutha fukkin E

Current Mood: tired, stressed, sore
Current Music: poison the well-nerdy

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November 22nd, 2004
10:37 am


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10:23 am


How Insane Are You?

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Current Mood: pretty good.
Current Music: finger eleven. One thing

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October 26th, 2004
08:10 pm


Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
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im speechless. Bobs a faggot wants to bang me.... 30 times none the less

The one and only
Cass e

Current Mood: tired
Current Music: me crying my sleft to sleep ..haha

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October 23rd, 2004
08:31 am


All right Boys and Girls....
10 days case closed, thats it. assult and battery..violating probation 3 times, steeling, only worth 10 days. why? becuase he saw a fucken van buren judge, judge green.. fuck judge green and that bastard closed the case..will will never be able to be brought to court on any of thoes counts for the rest of his life. however..if he vanalizes any thing of ours cars..house..ect... margie can press charges for theft. because he admitted to it infront of a police officer. this is fucken gay. im sorry i know hes my brother but his dumb ass needs a lot longer than 10 fucken days.

well im off to practice..

take it easy..
The one and only
Cass e

Current Mood: sleepy..angry..
Current Music: bowling balls -icp

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October 22nd, 2004
03:08 pm


Well it happened....
Will was arrested today. yep. he will be tried between 3:30 and 4:00..so thats that.. ill let you know prolly tomarro if he actually goes to jail..and for how long.. if its what the judge said a month ago..he should be locked up for 186 days.. that from tomarro till about april 25th or so...yeah idk.

OO SHIT yes yes ..thanks to all of you that wished me good luck at my meet. we pulverized them the score was..(drum roll please...) Belleville Tigers- 140 and Lincoln Park Railsplitters- 40 yep thats right we beat them by 100 baby what!!! and i dove all right..i was in a shitty mood..and that effects my diving a lot..but my peronal score was 124.95 not to bad but not my best. yeah ive desided i dont like to be on a team..at least not this one. to much fucken drama...and bullshit. and i also desided i dont like to dive in front of people.. because after every meet i cry. because im so nervous and i just dont like the pressure. but i love to dive..so i guess i just gotta suck it up and deal.. ha..

well that is all for now..

take it easy..because iknow i will..i didnt have school today..

the one and only
Cass mutha fukkin E

Current Mood: bored as hell
Current Music: chicken huntin-icp

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October 21st, 2004
03:22 pm


ive said it a milion times...
Im done..and last night proved it. i am no longer putting up wiht wills bullshit no more. his final episode...

the other day we were chillin at kyles..and will was like hey johnny take me to pawn theese movies..( he stole them form our movie collection). i was like fuck you will your a bastard. they left..and didnt end up pawning them... well i came home from practice tired as fuck and all i wanted to do was eat and go see kyle and jeff..because it was jeffs 18th birthday ..and i made him a sweet cake. well will was like.. "hey cass...um..seems hot its J-Hams birthday i scored some money ($60) wonna party with us toninght" I fliped out.. i told him no fucken way i know how he got the money and he was an asshole. so i came down stairs and ate...and took the cake to jeff..well i was so angry that i told them i coulnt hang out, i needed to go back home..kyle walked me home..and i told him that i was tellin margie about what will did..and it may mean the end of VESPA and im sorry..he was like its cool do what you gotta do..so i came home and told margie taht will stole our movies and pawned them for money for alcohol.she was so up set she started to cry..then she whent to see what movies he pawned..turns out he took all of our lord of the rings Dvds.. so margie is going to ask him for the money or the movies and if he cant provide one of them on the spot..shes callin the police and hes going to jail..because he has a bench warrent out for his arrest. jeff and kyle said he only got 13 bucks for them. not 60 like he told me. ha what a dumb ass he lookin at going to jail for 186 days and all he got out of it was 13 bones. all i can say is sad for him...yes sad for him.

well that is all.. for now.. i gotta go to a meet in like 20 minuts..wish me luck..

take it easy guys.
The one and Only
Cass e

Current Mood: calm ..
Current Music: Twiztid_ freek show.

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03:12 pm


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October 17th, 2004
11:55 am


Post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want.

Then post this to your journal.
See what people remember about you

me and amanda..are bored..we got introuble last night...ill post more about it at a later date.. but yes post memories please.

Current Mood: we are nutral
Current Music: fart

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